Who Are You and Why Aren’t You Here?

To My Ideal Partner:

You are a woman with wit. Your intelligence equals my own. Your vocabulary rivals mine. The improper use of an apostrophe irritates you as much as it does me. You love to read, especially things that I wrote.

You don’t wear much makeup (or any at all) because you don’t need it. Your inner beauty is so radiant, that it makes you look naturally beautiful.

Your voice is soothing. When you laugh, or occasionally giggle, it lifts my spirits on even the crummiest days. Usually it is us laughing together about some inside joke that only we understand.

Your imagination is limitless. You are driven to express yourself creatively through art, writing, or music. We love working together on creative endeavors.
Valentines Day
We can’t get enough of each other’s company. We enjoy walking through the woods, eating sushi, and playing games. Sometimes, especially in the winter, we’ll snuggle up and binge watch one of our shows.

We share similar hopes, dreams, and passions. For the most part, we are on the same page when it comes to things like politics and religion. Even if we disagree about something, we manage to have a fun, friendly, and intelligent debate about it, always being sure not to get defensive or take anything personally.

We have similar tastes when it comes to music, movies, TV, games, books, and humor. You even have an adorkable nerdy side to you that I can geek out with.

You get along well with my friends and family because you’re an awesome person. I get along well with your friends and family because you only surround yourself with other awesome people.

As far as the bedroom goes, let’s just say that we both enjoy the same things and the same frequency of activities.

Ultimately, we will grow old together. We will stick together through thick and thin. We will work together to solve any problem that is thrown our way. And we will win.

If some of these sound a little vague, it can’t be helped. You see, I haven’t met you yet. How can I include all the amazing little details that make you who you are when my life has yet to be blessed with your presence? Even if I attempted to describe you in all your glory, my words just wouldn’t do you justice.

So please, tell me:

Who are you? Why aren’t you here?


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