Baby Vs. Balloons

Baby BalloonsHowdy. I just wanted to post a video that I should have posted a few years ago.

This is my son, Lincoln, on Halloween in 2012.

He was so pumped that he was about to be Master Yoda for his first Halloween, that he wanted to practice his Jedi skills by engaging in an epic battle with some balloons.

I present…

Baby Vs. Balloons!

Come on, peeps. Make it viral!


    Edit it to vine length or make a high resolution gif then post it to and watch the love pour in. Once it gets on FB, though, FB and not you or youtube will get the ad revenue.

    ~ dunelight, who wastes an inordinate amount of time online.

    I posted the above comment on the wrong post. I meant for it to be here, on your son’s post. 😀

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