Le Medaillon Champagne

This review is long overdue. Actually, creating a new post in general is long overdue, but I have been busy working on some exciting projects, which I will discuss in the future.
Le Medaillon
Le Medaillon is a fantastic champagne brand based in Lombard, IL (not far from where I live). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jay Dhillon, the president of Dlux Brand LLC, the company that owns Le Medaillon. He was kind enough to supply me with a bottle of their Brut champagne.

(Thanks again, Jay. Sorry it took so long to write the review.)

I shared the bottle with a couple of my friends for a tasting. Honestly, we are more wine drinkers than champagne drinkers, though we have enjoyed the occasional glass of bubbly here and there.
Le Medaillon
The general consensus was that this was by far the best tasting champagne any of us had ever had.
Le Medaillon
The Brut is very light with a hint of sweetness and a crisp finish. It is no wonder that this champagne has received several awards.

We thought about mixing it with some orange juice to see how it would be as a mimosa, but it tasted so good as is that we just drank it straight.

In addition to the Brut, Le Medaillon also makes a Rosé and a Cuvée Reserve. I have not yet had the pleasure to taste either of those, but would love the opportunity to do so.
Le Medaillon
Something unique about Le Medaillon is that each bottle comes packaged with a silver plated necklace that includes a beautifully designed medallion. This adds another factor of elegance to an already exquisite champagne.
Le Medaillon
If you are thinking of giving someone a bottle of wine or champagne as a gift, Le Medaillon is a great choice!

You can learn more about Le Medaillon and their selection of top shelf champagne by visiting them at http://lemedaillon.com

Remember to drink responsibly!


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