Do I Have To Do Another One Of These? AKA The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve come to the realization that these WordPress blog awards are chain letters in disguise. At first I was like, “Oh yay, I’ve been nominated for an award!” And now I wonder who comes up with these. Maybe I should start my own blog award. I could create an award image with my blog’s URL on it, then people would be curious and check out my blog. And then I’d get a bazillion followers! MWAHAHA!

Now if only this blog was profitable…

Ooh, I know! Next time you buy something from Amazon, consider doing so through my affiliate link: Buy things at Amazon! 🙂 (It’s not spam if it’s on my own blog!)

Anyway, now for the thing I was gonna do. What was this blog post about again?

Oh yeah! The lovely RaineFairy has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!
Versatile Blogger
It is such an honor to receive such a prestigious award. I’d like to thank RaineFairy for the nomination, my parents and everyone who believed in me, and *ahem* all right, I’ll just cut to the chase.


Thank the person who nominated you with a link to his/her blog.

Already took care of that above.

Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD, include a link to their blogs. 

Really? I gotta find 15 victims lucky bloggers to annoy bless with this scam award?

Here goes (in no particular order):

  1.  Teagan’s Books
  2. Shehanne Moore (and her Hamstahs)
  3. In My Cluttered Attic
  4. Star Wars Anonymous
  5. Conscious Cacophony
  6. Star Guy Blog
  7. Musings From The Mind Of Maehem
  8. Wibble
  9. Poetic Parfait
  10. Pure Haiku
  11. The Realm Of The Chaos Fairy
  12. C-Dog & Company
  13. Writer’s Notebook
  14. Big Body Beautiful
  15. Brighter Poetics

Sorry about You’re welcome for the nominations. I know these things take up a lot of time to complete, so my feelings won’t be hurt if you are unable to accept this.

Now, you have to list down seven (7) FACTS about yourself, like so:

1. I don’t think American “cheese” should be considered real cheese. It’s super processed and tastes funky.

2. I also don’t care for Swiss cheese or Goat cheese.

3. Other then the cheeses listed above, I love cheese!

4. I am also rather cheesy, if you couldn’t tell.

5. Sometimes I cut the cheese.

6. I don’t know why I’m talking about cheese.

7. Cheese.

As you can tell, I take these things very seriously.

You have to notify your nominees about this by posting a link to this post on their page. Once you’ve accepted the challenge and have blogged it, you have to post a link to your blog just below this post in the Comments.  Otherwise, it is a futile cause. Good luck!


  1. Congratulations on the well deserved award… By the way, I liked that cheesy list o_O
    Very original… I see we have many blogger friends as well, which is nice… Maybe one day we can all go out to drink something, [haha]… ⭐ Best wishes. Aquileana 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally… after 10 years!!! When you cursed me with that Neat Blogger Award, I also thought these cheesy awards have the same tone as chain letters. OMG! Did I just use cheesy there? Is it viral?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dear Dan, we told you you are awesome, Thank you for the award. Love…Shehanne AND Bobby Bub, Wilbur, Olga, Tink, Silv, Vonnie, Vinnie, Ratsy, Fez, the Dook, The General, The Godmother, Colonel Pussinksinbootinski etc etc Oh and Donovan

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL great! I appreciate the award. I don’t think I have 15 bloggers to send it along to though… I’ll mull this one over. The high blogger lists always stress me out and lead to thoughts of, “Oh no, I’m not active enough on WP! I’m a bad blogger!”

    Liked by 3 people

  5. … or you could add a para. to your About page, asking not to be nominated. (Which would be nowhere as much fun, I grant you.) Anyway, apart from all that — thank you for following my blog! I consider that a real honour, the best kind of award, nuthin’ cheesy, nossir.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Very funny post, Dan. You’ve got a great sense of humor, but I’m afraid that you’re now on my hit list, ahem, I mean….my favorite people list…..for sending me a damn blogging award 😉 I can tell from your post that you will appreciate exactly what I mean by this dripping sarcasm. Ugh. Thanks.. Or maybe we should team up and figure out how to thank RaineFairy since she started this 🙂 Bwahaha! Hope you’re doing well, in spite of the award!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks (a bunch!) Dan for the nomination (I wonder what would happen if I decline Dan’s nomination?). What an honor it is to be nominated (for the umpteenth time! What a lot of extra work is more like it. Hell, I barely have time to do my own narcissistic blog), and to be included on your list of worthy bloggers. I look forward to passing this magnificent honor (unloading it is more like it) The Versatile Blogger Award (Versatile Blogger Award? Geez! I’m barely able to pass as a humorist now, much less a writer of any other kind of genre. ) onto 15 of my favorite bloggers (poor unsuspecting souls, I’ll leave them to try and explain why they don’t want to add to their already heavy workload, without offending their wonderful readers, by giving them even MORE to do!) to 15 of my favorite (Do I even have 15?) fellow bloggers (who then will want to brain me for forcing them to leave out other followers they love, because they can only nominate 15). I think I speak for everyone nominated when I say, (there goes my weekend!) thanks for including me. :o)

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  8. I must say that between my weak eyes (computer eye strain and trying to get to everyone’s blog is killer) and my mania with sailing and shooting I had no time to accept these awards. Sad, but, there it is. I had to go award free. I’m barely keeping up with all the blogs as it is. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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