Today’s Post Is Dedicated To…

Today’s post is dedicated to:

The whiners, the groaners,

The bitchers, the moaners.

Those with an axe to grind,

And other people’s business to mind.

Those who fight under a label,

Who are mentally unstable.

Those who won’t agree to disagree,

Who think they have a pedigree.

For those who claim their cause is just,

And think of me with sheer disgust.

For those who claim to be oppressed,

Without a clue that they are blessed.

Those who claim to want equal rights,

But take extremism to brand new heights.

For those whose views are quite insane,

Somehow functioning without a brain.

For those who lack common sense,

With skulls that are rather dense.
For those who want better pay,

But go about it the wrong way.

For those who won’t listen to reason,

And dream of genocidal treason.

For those who generate censorship fusses,

But openly bleed on public buses.

For those whose logic they have forsaken,

Always claiming to be mistaken.

For those who wage war, but call it peace,

Whose hateful slurs will never cease.

The brainwashed, the misinformed,

The ignorant, the raging storm.

Those who can’t see the truth,

Having been hypnotized since youth.

Those who wish to be left in the dark,

Those whose bite is just as bad as their bark.

Those who cannot plainly see,

Their obvious hypocrisy.

Those who never stop to think,

Who in fact believe that their shit don’t stink.

Those who need someone to blame,

Trying to make others feel the shame.

Those who want the world to divide,

Declaring superiority with selfish pride.

Today’s post is dedicated to you,

Because your time here is almost through.

You’ve run your course, you’ve had your say,

But the world will be better once you go away.

Sorry, not sorry, if now you feel glum,

But not everybody is freaking dumb.


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