NaNoWriMo Winner!

I am happy to announce that I have exceeded the 50,000 word challenge of National Writing Month. As of now, I have written 50,547 words in my novel. And I’m about halfway through my intended outline, so I still have a lot more writing to do.

And since this is just the rough draft, I also have a lot of editing and revising to do.

But I took on the challenge and I completed it. This is a good day.

Thank you to everyone who wereย was supportive. [Thanks, Pendantry.]

Now that it’s over, hopefully I will get back to posting more often. Starting with putting the rest of the Fantasticon pictures up.

I will also keep you posted with developments on my novel, The Rune of Illusions. You can read the synopsis and an excerpt by visiting my NaNoWriMo page here.

National Novel Writing Month


      • Ouch. First? I guess microrewards thingies have a long way to go yet. (Haven’t checked lately, but pretty sure Flattr doesn’t work on sites, which is one example of a barrier to take up.)


      • I think maybe you must have a ‘premium’ account, or something, then. I believe it doesn’t work on those where you don’t pay through the nose… and I don’t intend to pay through the nose on the off-chance of getting some peanuts.


      • Odd. Ok, I must be more dense than usual this morning; I’ve just spent the last ten minutes on Flattr’s website (where I have an account) trying to figure out how to set up Flattr for Wibble… and all I have to show for that time is frustration. I’m not asking you for assistance — I need to contact Flattr support to find out what my problem is. But life is too short: and if I (with a degree in computer science!) have this much trouble, then my suspicion is that these micropay thingies have a long way to go…


      • Go to your WP dashboard to Settings > Sharing. Where it says “Enabled Services” you can select which sharing buttons show up after each post. If your Flattr account is connected with your site, there should be a Flattr button that you can add.

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  1. PS Typo alert:
    “Thank you to everyone who werewas supportive.”
    “Thank you to everyoneall who were supportive.”

    I think that makes us even again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Bestest Festive Wishes to you and yours!

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