My Guest Appearance on the Chris Brake Show Podcast

Thursday night I had the pleasure of making a guest appearance on the Chris Brake Show Podcast.

I had some interesting conversations with Chris Brake, John Rapp (my doppelgänger), and Spitfire Sarah.

I talked with them about the safety of electronic cigarettes. I also talked briefly about writing and was labeled a Word-slinger by Sarah, who prefers to write prose (and that’s okay).

You can listen to the podcast or download it here.

Hopefully next time I’m on the show I can talk more about writing and perhaps settle some grammar disputes. Perhaps even tell a funny story or two.

Also, if you would like Spitfire Sarah to shave her head, there is a petition that you can sign. When the petition receives 5,000 unique signatures, then she will do it.

Sign the petition here.


In other news, I finally have a LinkedIn account. Please feel free to add me to your network if you would like. Check it out here. (If that link doesn’t work, then try this.)

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