I Dream Of Jeannie

A wormhole opened through time and space,

Allowing me to glimpse your face.

A star died in my galaxy,

Now I float adrift at sea.

Being drawn into this big black hole,

Searching for remnants of my broken soul.

Another dimension is where you stay,

Trapped in a cage day after day.

Oh how matrimony can change someone.

It can drive a man mad when it becomes undone.

For others it can feel like a living hell,

Being stuck inside a prison cell.

We met too soon or perhaps too late,

We’re worlds apart and that is our fate.

We connect well and our spirits could be climbing,

But dammit all, we have horrible timing.

Maybe one day when our demons are dead,

This thing we have could be more than in my head.

Until that time comes I’ll settle for this curse,

Of sending you digital love across the universe.

I’ll sit and wait and drink my martini,

And I’ll always have sweet dreams of Jeannie.


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