5 Things Every Server Wishes They Could Say to Their Customers

I have worked as a restaurant server for over four years. I finally escaped the service industry about a year ago. Let’s just say that it wasn’t for me. I am far too introverted to stand talking to people I don’t know for any length of time. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. I met a lot of really cool people. But I also met some less than cool people.

My experience as a server isn’t all for nothing, though. I recently began writing for a website called Shiftgig. It’s kind of like Linked In, except specifically for people who work in the service industry. They were looking for freelance content creators and I managed to become one.

So far I’ve written one short article for Shiftgig. The exciting news is that it’s been published on their site!

Without further ado, I present my first article for Shiftgig:

5 Things Every Server Wishes They Could Say to Their Customers

I will soon write more articles for Shiftgig. I would really like to impress them, so it would be awesome if that article received a lot of hits.

Please do me a favor and Share that article with anyone you know who has worked as a server. I’m sure they will be able to relate. Thank you.


  1. Made me laugh 🙂 though I also thought your ‘5 things’ were rather polite; don’t you ever just wish to tip their dinner over their heads lol.


      • pie; pie; you want pie; here’s your pie sir; splat; lol 😀

        some of the customers do rude with chocolate sprinkles 🙂


      • LOL love it 🙂

        oi! oi you! waiter!

        …. staff member comes over bringing salads as ordered;

        walks away from table….

        customer screeches as crickets chirrup melodiously from lettuce….

        staff member returns and leans over customer…

        yelling loudly in his ear….

        oi! oi you! customer! I must ask you to refrain from singing, we do not have a licence…

        but…. but….. there’s a cricket in my lettuce; splutters the customer……

        staff member causally leans over, picks up the cricket, and with sleight of hand seems to eat it (really it’s a sliver of lettuce he eats but….:) ) and…..

        in a voice like Dracula’s Renfield says; sorry master some of my lunch must have escaped….


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