Stars And Scars

I drift alone through time and space,

Floating past moons and shooting stars.

Remembering when I last saw your face,

Brings tears that drip down to my scars.

In space, no one can hear me scream,

If they could, would they even care?

Time slips by like a blurry dream,

As I come face to face with my biggest fear.

So far from you, I feel lonely,

I wonder if I’ll ever get home.

You were always my one and only,

But you shot me into space where I now roam.

I continue my mission in search of life,

Perhaps an alien will take me in.

Maybe she will become my wife,

And greet me with a great big grin.

Or maybe I will be lost forever,

And get drawn into a black hole.

If only I were a bit more clever,

I could finally reach my goal.

Exploring planets is a waste of time,

When there is no one to explore them with.

I waste away while in my prime,

In search of nothing but a myth.

If there is life out here, I need to know,

I want to put my mind at rest.

Until then, more galaxies will I go,

I can only give it my best.


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