Diablo III Anniversary Treasure Pack Giveaway

I have been playing Diablo III a lot lately (when it isn’t disconnecting, grrr!).

It is fun taking out your frustrations by shooting demons in the face with a crossbow.

May 15th marks the two-year anniversary of Diablo III.

To celebrate, Blizzard is hosting a Treasure Pack Giveaway.

25 winners will receive the following:

  • Reaper of Souls backpack
  • Reaper of Souls lanyard
  • Funko Pop! Diablo vinyl figure
  • Funko Pop! Tyrael vinyl figure
  • Diablo III coffee mug

If you enjoy Diablo III like I do and want some free stuff, you have a chance to win by visiting here.

If you know anyone who plays Diablo III, send them to that link.

Just thought I would share. Carry on!

Diablo III


    • Yeah it can be a click fest. But still fun. I’ve been playing for about a month.

      I haven’t tried FTL. However, I used to be addicted to Blizzard’s other game, World of Warcraft.


      • I understand that FTL is now available to play on the current incarnation of easily-lost-broken-and-stolen widgets (AKA mobile phones). Can’t play it on mine because my mobile phone does voice and text, and that’s it — but then I don’t expect any more of it — I’m just a quasi-luddite (emphasis on the ‘cwazy’).

        I was addicted to another Blizzard offering for a while — StarCraft. I bought the relatively recent expansion but couldn’t get back into it.

        A WoW addict, huh? Tried that once. I rolled up a dorf hunter, name of Clumsin, on a ‘role-playing server’, and then tried my best to play him as though he had just arrived in this new — and, naturally, very strange — land, with all his prior memories expunged.

        After a while, Clumsin got chatted up by a female with alluring eyes, was coerced to follow her far from his original hunting ground, into a city… then she disappeared.

        Lost and miserable, poor Clumsin tried to find his way back to the small patch of ground he knew, but he always did suffer from a poor sense of direction. Every now and again he would fall down in a pathetic heap and start crying his eyes out.

        Eventually, he found his way to a bar, which cheered his mood immensely. While drowning his sorrows there, he was accosted by a well-seasoned dorf in splendid armour who brusquely accused him of ‘not roleplaying on a roleplaying server’. Poor Clumsin’s protestations that he had no idea what this other fellow was on about fell on deaf and unforgiving ears….

        Roleplayers, eh? /eyeroll There’s nowt so queer as folk! 😉


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