Return Of The Cast

April 29th: The cast of Star Wars Episode VII has been officially released. There were many rumors until now, but they have been confirmed. Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker. Carrie Fisher returns as Princess Leia. Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo. Peter Mayhew returns as Chewbacca. Anthony Daniels returns as C-3PO. And Kenny Baker returns as R2-D2. Obviously, I am very excited by this.


Return Of The Cast

A long time ago,
In a galaxy far, far away…
Han, Luke, and Leia
Teamed up to save the day.

The Death Star blew up,
Not once, but twice.
Luke lost his hand
With an agonizing slice.

A place in our hearts,
They always will last.
We had no idea
How much we’d miss that cast.

But today I read
The amazing news.
The band is back together
To dissolve all our blues.

I had only hoped.
I was just a wisher.
But today it’s official,
The return of Ford, Hamill, and Fisher!

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

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