27 poems so far. NaPoWriMo is almost over. This poem expresses mixed feelings about mixed signals.



You seduce me
The way you used to
As if we had never
Grown apart.

A tender smile,
A gentle kiss,
Shooting daggers
Through my heart.

If I knew no better,
I would believe
Things were the same
Like we had not changed.

I lay you down
Like I did before,
But afterward
I feel deranged.

Your caring eyes,
Your loving touch,
It’s hypnotizing.
I cannot see.

The pain you caused
Fades away
As you let me in
And put a spell on me.

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

April 26th – Shaggy
April 25th – Vivid Dreams
April 24th – Flushed
April 23rd – Missing The Pieces
April 22nd – Prisoner’s Lament
April 21st – INTP
April 20th – Easter Haiku
April 19th – Little Lad
April 18th – Writing Words
April 17th – Virtual Escape
April 16th – About Me, About You
April 15th – Worlds Collide
April 14th – Gloom
April 13th – Short Prayer
April 12th – Thank God It’s Spring!
April 11th – Drained
April 10th – Pride And Joy
April 9th – For Richer, But Not Poorer
April 8th – Wasting Away
April 7th – Cry Another Day
April 6th – Inner Struggle
April 5th – Show Class, Not Ass
April 4th – Empty
April 3rd – Seeing Stars
April 2nd – My Words
April 1st – You Left Me


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