Missing The Pieces

My 23rd NaPoWriMo poem is another freestyle poem. I like these because it lets me get my thoughts out there without focusing too much on rhyming. The words just flow out. Some parts may rhyme, some parts won’t. There isn’t any organized structure to them.


Missing The Pieces

Picking up the pieces
Of a shattered life
Trying to make sense
Make things fit
Almost want to quit
Sick of this shit
Putting together
A thousand piece
Jigsaw puzzle
Got me puzzled
And confused
Half the pieces are gone
Scattered everywhere
Some a few states away
Some a few blocks down
Some were chewed by the dog
Some were buried throughout town
Hopes and dreams
Midnight screams
All is lost
What a cost
Mending a broken heart
With string and a bandage
“Everything will be okay”
Is what they all say
It’s hard to believe
When all you can do is grieve
Fuck this puzzle
I want a new one

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

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