Yesterday I took a personality test and discovered that I am in the 3% of people who are INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver). Finding this out has helped me to learn a lot about myself. I highly suggest that you discover what your personality type is. The site I went to is the HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test.

So my 21st NaPoWriMo poem is about being INTP. This poem is different from what I usually write. But as being iNtuitive, I like to explore new ideas. 🙂

Special thanks to INFJoe for pointing me in the right direction!



Needing down time
Time alone
Alone with my thoughts

Exploring imagination
Imagining new ideas
Ideas are abstract

Doing things logically
Logic and reason
Reasoning with my brain

Decisions to weigh
Weighing my choices
Choosing will wait

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

April 20th – Easter Haiku
April 19th – Little Lad
April 18th – Writing Words
April 17th – Virtual Escape
April 16th – About Me, About You
April 15th – Worlds Collide
April 14th – Gloom
April 13th – Short Prayer
April 12th – Thank God It’s Spring!
April 11th – Drained
April 10th – Pride And Joy
April 9th – For Richer, But Not Poorer
April 8th – Wasting Away
April 7th – Cry Another Day
April 6th – Inner Struggle
April 5th – Show Class, Not Ass
April 4th – Empty
April 3rd – Seeing Stars
April 2nd – My Words
April 1st – You Left Me


  1. Isn’t it satisfying to put it into context? Being able to appreciate that your personality is identifiable and understand that if you’re different from othersyou know , there’s not ‘something wrong’ with you. I’m ENTJ. 🙂 Had a really fun workshop with this back in teacher training. Very informative!


  2. Ha! Dan, I’m an INFP, which is less than 1% of the population. That explains why I feel like I’m a unicorn plunked down into a world of bears. 🙂 Cool post and nice poem. Hugs, Lizzy


  3. As an INTP, writing blog entries takes a few days of perfecting, pondering and procrastination. I’m sure you experience the same thing. However, we’re very interesting individuals capable of a great deal, too. Keep writing!


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