Virtual Escape

April 17th. Captain’s log: After a long internal struggle, I finally did it. I finally gave in. I started playing a time-consuming game. I haven’t played anything since I let my WoW subscription run out last December. But I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling down lately and really needed to take my mind off things. So I started playing something.

Then I wrote a poem about it. Poem #17 for NaPoWriMo is about playing the game I started playing.

After reading the poem, can you guess what game it is?


Virtual Escape

Old habits die hard.
At least that’s what they say.
I shouldn’t stay up ’til five a.m.
But I really wanted to play.

A little tipsy.
Head was spinning.
I just had to do something
I could consider winning.

Life’s a mess.
That’s no lie.
Half the time I want
To lie down and cry.

So I escaped
Into a game
Where I could be someone else
And have a new name.

Now I hunt demons
With my trusty crossbows.
I’m picking up loot
And dropping undead foes.

No bills to pay.
There is no drama.
In this virtual world
I can avoid my baby mama.

I’ll take out my anger
In that zombie’s face.
Gonna fight the Skeleton King
And put him in his place.

So don’t bother me
With real world crap.
I’m busy saving lives
And setting up a trap.

Don’t wanna find a job.
Don’t wanna leave this room.
I just want to play all day
And explore this old tomb.

By the time I beat the game,
Maybe my troubles will be gone.
That might be wishful thinking
Because I have to mow the lawn.

I do have bills to pay
And a mouth that needs to be fed.
But I feel overwhelmed
And just want to hide my head.

One day I’ll get my life together
And get back into shape.
But today I want to play this game
Because I could really use an escape.

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

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