Poem 14 for National Poetry Writing Month. This poem brings you more melancholy inspired by the gloomy day. This poem was written in the form of freestyle, where I use words as they come to me to make them flow.



My weary head
Is filled with gloom.
I feel the dread
Of impending doom.
Want to lie in bed
But not in this room.
Brain explodes.
Feeling numb.
Traveling roads.
Feeling dumb.
Blowing loads.
Feeling scum.
By my side.
Swallow pride.
Be my bride.
Let us hide.
Already tried.
Until we cried.
Wide open.
Like a book.
Like a crook.
I was took.
Like a rook.
From the hook
To the tomb.
Feeling dead
While flowers bloom.
My weary head
Is filled with gloom.

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

April 13th – Short Prayer
April 12th – Thank God It’s Spring!
April 11th – Drained
April 10th – Pride And Joy
April 9th – For Richer, But Not Poorer
April 8th – Wasting Away
April 7th – Cry Another Day
April 6th – Inner Struggle
April 5th – Show Class, Not Ass
April 4th – Empty
April 3rd – Seeing Stars
April 2nd – My Words
April 1st – You Left Me


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