Cry Another Day

Poem number 7 for National Poetry Month is rather depressing. Sorry about that.


Cry Another Day

Last night
I was not all right.
Our song came on
Then I was gone.
Tears in my eyes
Did someone hear my cries?
I needed your voice.
It was my only choice.
But I couldn’t get through.
It’s so hard without you.
Drove home in tears,
Plagued by all my fears.
I was brought to my knees,
Begging please, baby, please!
I just can’t do this on my own.
I’m so lost and all alone.
I can’t bear to be apart.
I’d rather be stabbed in the heart.
Then my thoughts turned to death.
About taking my last breath.
I could just end it all.
Maybe take a big fall.
Land on my head,
Then I’d be dead.
Or maybe a noose.
That would cut me loose.
Take a knife and bleed it out.
Try not to be loud when I shout.
Or maybe crash my car
Into the side of a bar.
Either way, I’d be done.
But then I thought about my son.
Thoughts were buzzing in my mind,
But I can’t leave him behind.
This pain may never leave my chest,
But I need to do what is best.
It’s just so hard at times
To come up with good rhymes.
Even though I want to fade away,
I guess I’ll live to cry another day.

© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

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