Seeing Stars

So I’m technically posting this a few minutes past midnight on the 4th, but it still counts as my NaPoWriMo poem for the 3rd. After all, it’s still the 3rd on the West coast!

My previous poems were filled with angst, but tonight was a great night. So I’m embracing joy with this poem.


Seeing Stars

The buzz in the room
Envelops like a womb.
As I sit there
In the front row chair
And wait for the speakers to boom.
The lights go down
And the film begins.
Playing dialogue
That came from within.
Creative minds
Joining forces.
Same stories
Different sources.
Bringing love
And making art.
Feeling feelings
From the heart.
Director yells,
To bring
Actors exchange
Expressions and lines.
Product placement?
Have some Heinz.
Producer makes sure
All the pieces fit.
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Or some other shit.
But it all starts
When the words are written.
Which is hard to do
While wearing a mitten.
At the end of the day
A masterpiece is born.
More enjoyable to watch
Than sleazy porn.
An honor indeed
To be part of the crew.
Lieutenant aboard
A ship in the blue.
As I looked in the eyes
Of my other mates,
I saw that we all
Share the same fates.
We must have landed
Our ship on Mars.
Because we all
Are seeing stars.


© Dan Hoger, 2014.

NaPoWriMo 2014

April 2nd – My Words

April 1st – You Left Me


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