Giving Away Free 420 Profits Memberships Today Only!

As some of you may know, I have been working online as a copywriter, content writer, internet marketer, and I’m about to run to some social media campaigns.

The person I’ve been learning from is a great guy named Tyler. He developed a site that teaches anyone the basics of working online, which I have found extremely helpful in getting myself started.

I just wanted to give him a shout-out and mention a special deal he’s offering only for the next 24 hours.

Here’s the email that he sent me:

Hey buddy,

Please let your readers know that I am going to be giving away free 420 Profits memberships for the next 24 hours!
I will give a completely free 420 Profits membership to anyone who creates and sends me a funny meme about electronic cigarettes!
Requirements for Electronic Cigarette Memes
-Must be about E-Cigarettes
-Must Be at Least a Little Bit Funny
And those are the only requirements!
You can use to make the memes. Then just download them and send them to me at
There is no limit to the free memberships I’m giving away, but you have to submit your meme within 24 hours! (Giveaway ends at 3pm Friday eastern time)
Hope you are doing great,

I’m not trying to spam you or anything. I myself paid $37 for my membership, and have already earned more than that back a while ago. So I honestly encourage taking advantage of this deal.

420 Profits basically teaches you three ways to earn money only. My personal favourite is their section about freelance writing. I learned a lot about how to get started as one. The other ways include a basic introduction to internet marketing, as well as how to start a local Facebook business.

I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t honestly believe that you could learn a lot from this site. And it’s free for today, so you really have nothing to lose other than a few minutes making a funny e-cig theme.

I personally recommend this.


ecig meme


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