Deacon’s Choice – Coming Soon to Chicago!

I miss Missing the Muse! But my hiatus will be worth it. I’m currently building a repertoire of poetry, haikus, and short stories. That way once I re-launch Missing the Muse, I will have a lot of creative writing content to share with all of you – my very patient fans. Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

Deacon's Choice
The first movie poster with my name on it! (Click for full size)

I’m still technically on hiatus, but I wanted to share some very exciting news. I have had the honor to co-write a fantastic screenplay with the brilliant Kenya Renee of Hawkfilmz Enterprize.

DEACON’S CHOICE is a touching drama about a Chicago family with enough skeletons in their closet to open a haunted house.

Directed by the talented Parris Reaves, DEACON’S CHOICE will premier in Chicago this fall. Keep checking in, and I will give you more details about the premier when I learn more details myself.

In the meantime, enjoy the teaser trailer!

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