Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of JulyHappy Fourth of July, everyone! Enjoy your barbecue, or camping, or whatever other festivities you have planned. Watch some fireworks and spend time with friends/family. Make the most out of the freedoms that you have.
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  1. ‘mersi.me’ appears to be a ‘parked domain’ (I click there and am presented with a blank screen.) Failed microdonation system, maybe? As a wannabe writer myself, I investigate such things periodically in the hope of finding a way to transform my addiction to placing words in (sometimes quite arbitrary) sequences into a revenue stream. See for instance Flattr and Centup.


    • Yes, Mersimo failed not long after it began. I’m in the process of cleaning up old posts and I’ll be sure to get rid of those dead links.

      Flattr and CentUp sounds interesting. What are your experiences with those companies?


      • Sorry to hear that you’re lumbered with a clean-up exercise following the failure of another… such is the problem with externalised resources in general, but with the inherently linked-up nature of the innerwebz the problem is worse (in this case that of web monkeys who jump through hoops to try to install/ maintain/ decommission others’ brainchilds.

        It seems to me that the catch-22 of failure to achieve critical mass is the problem with all potential microdonation systems. I also suspect that, should any achieve lift-off, they will have to weather the flack from disgruntled customers in much the manner that PayPal and eBay did in their formative years.

        The fairly recent move by PayPal to attempt to fully authenticate its user base is, I think, a case in point — and I’ve just noticed that Flattr now requires me to provide more personal data by 15Jul2014 or risk account termination (so, thanks for the prompt to revisit the place!). In an ideal world user authentication ought to be implemented up front — but then we have catch-22 all over again, in spades. If PayPal were to implement a microdonation system, now that they appear to be a stable concern, now: that might be interesting.

        I’m waffling. To address your question, if only briefly:

        Flattr: I have an account with them but need to find out what happened to the Flattr button on my blog. I know I put it in there once, but it’s gone walkies. Ah, the wonders of modern technology… Apart from that, the nuts and bolts seem to be pretty solid. I’ve never received a bean through it, and have paid out several beans… to just two sites. “There’s no call for it, guv”…

        Centup: newer than Flattr, yet the infrastructure feels just as solid. Unfortunately their ‘click-a-button’ system requires javascript, which (quite understandably, IMO) isn’t allowed on wordpress.com sites. So although I am an ‘approved publisher’ for centup, my blog has no Centup button on it either… (see ‘catch-22’ and ‘externalised maintenance’ comments above). One downside, I feel, is the unfortunate anagram that can be made from the name (left as an exercise for the reader!). One feel-good feature — one that I hope might help encourage take-up — is that fully half of monies paid when a micropayment is made goes to a charity of your choice. Allegedly.

        Good grief, is that the time? …


      • I have installed Flattr on my blog and have the button displayed on my posts. I doubt I’ve received any beans either. I signed up with Centup and they have told me that they are trying to work with WordPress.com to enable buttons here, as well.


      • Let’s hope that your effort results in a smattering of magic beans coming your way 🙂

        Thanks to some helpful input via WordPress support it’s looking like my ‘missing Flattr button’ may be a WYSINWOG reminder — at least one other person can see the sharing buttons on my blog, including the Flattr button. Which is good, but it’s also not so good, since I can’t believe that it’s just me(tm).


      • Thanks for that input to my problem. Would you mind revealing what os/ browser combination you’re using? I’m on Windows 8.1/ Firefox — from what I’ve gleaned so far it’s beginning to look as though it’s pothibly an issue with Windows 8.1.


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