I’m Not Dead Yet!

Photo credit: Linda (lndhslf72)

I do apologize for being MIA recently. I have a LOT of stuff going on right now including a couple of projects. The best part, they are PAID projects! Woot!

In addition to that, my family and I will be moving to Alabama around mid-July. So we have a lot that we need to do to get ready for that.

After we get settled in, I will be working on getting my freelance writing business started. This includes a lot of changes with Missing the Muse. Another reason I haven’t been posting as much is because this blog is kinda on the back-burner at the moment. Don’t worry though, I have plans to completely remodel this blog, including narrowing the focus of the blog. The changes won’t happen for a while, and it won’ be all at once, so be patient. I will keep you informed with my current endeavors.

And I’ll still post on Missing the Muse. But at least for now, it will be less often.


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