Writing Tips – How To Fight the Blank Page

Blank Page
(Photo credit: Niklas Freidwall)


There it is. It’s your arch-enemy, the Blank Page. You have encountered this foe many times. Epic battles ensued. You have been victorious, for the most part anyway. But now the Blank Page is back. Once again, there is no sign of battle damage from last time.

The Blank Page stares at you. It’s blankness is intimidating. You are scared. And you should be. But you have defeated this boss before. You can do it again.


Even Shakespeare fought the Blank Page.


Not only Shakespeare, but every writer who ever lived had to fight the Blank Page at some point or another. 


Every author of every book you’ve read had to get past the Blank Page. Every writer of every article, blog, and other written material had to face the Blank Page as well. They got past it. So can you!


Nobody ever conquered writer’s block by not writing.


If you wanted to learn how to play an instrument, you wouldn’t make any progress by not playing it. The same rule applies for overcoming writer’s block. Yes that Blank Page looks intimidating, but if you start writing on it, it won’t be blank for long.

What do you do to overcome writer’s block?



  1. Very true. I find I have to lock myself away from everyone and all distractions. And maybe turn the internet off. That helps. Just being alone with your thoughts until there is nothing to do but write. Boredom is a great motivator


  2. Mostly, I let my friend Maryjane–MJ for short–find the words for me to write. She’s actually pretty good at it…..until the next day when I reread. 😉


    • What a coincidence, my Muse has the same name as yours! She really helps the imagination flow. Sometimes a little too much! The next day usually requires editing, which of course is much easier when she’s not around.


      • MUCH easier, for sure! Honestly, though, as much as I need to edit the next day, there are quite a few times where I am reading what I had written and i’m thinking, “DAMN, I write good! How did I think to write that like that!?” haha…


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