Curse You, Blank Page!

Blank page
(Photo credit: MTSOfan)

Curse you, Blank Page!

You locked me in a cage.

Held me captive for many years.

Made me cry a thousand tears.

You crushed my hopes and killed my dreams.

Made me scream a thousand screams.

After years of blistering pain,

I lost my mind and went insane.

And now I’m here without a clue,

Not knowing exactly what to do.

Why do we always need to fight,

Whenever I try to sit and write?

I wish you’d let me speak my peace,

Before it’s too late and I’m deceased.

I promise everything will be okay,

If you start seeing things my way.

Oh Blank Page, don’t yell don’t shout.

Let me tell you what I’m all about.

Together we could be so grand,

If you come with me and take my hand.

Blank Page, please trust me with my words.

I’ll try not to make them too absurd.

Please let me type words on your face,

And forgive me if they become a disgrace.

With a little trust, you now will see,

That we have made something, just you and me.

You are my canvas and writing is my art.

I paint words on you that come from the heart.

Blank Page, it’s just me and you.

Now let me give you a sentence tattoo.


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