10 Ways You Can Benefit From Editing and Proofreading Services


Even the best writer can benefit from a second (or third, or fourth…) pair of eyes to check for spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and capitalization errors. Small mistakes can be easily overlooked by even the most meticulous writers. Here are just a few of the many ways that a professional proofreading service can help your written documents achieve their full potential.

1. Essay/Research Paper/Thesis/Dissertation

You may receive a better grade on your research paper about 20th Century U.S. History if it mentions the Cold War instead of Cold Sores. Then again, those spies were sharing more than secrets.

2. Articles

You may get a lot more readers if your music review article mentions the Beatles instead of Bieber. But sadly we can only improve your document, not your taste in music.

3. Marketing/Advertising

You may get better business if the website for your dog grooming company mentions cleaning a Shih Tzu instead of a Shit Zoo. Although that zoo does sound like it could use a good cleaning.

4. Web Presence

You may get a very different group of readers following you if your interests include Blogging instead of Flogging. Then again, maybe you’re into that sort of thing. Don’t worry, I don’t judge.

5. Campaign Material

You may get more votes if you run for Congressman instead of Conman, even if there isn’t much difference between the two.

6. Menus

You may attract more customers if your menus says Chicken Dumpling instead of Children Dumping. How you make your Pu pu platter is your business, but the first option sounds more appealing.

7. Office Memos

You may earn more respect from your employees if you abbreviate “Assistant Manager” in your office memos as Asst. Mgr. instead of Ass Man. It’s bad enough your employees use a picture of you as a dartboard. The last thing you need is to be the laughing-stock of the water cooler, Ass Man.

8. Creative Writing

You may sell more copies of your vampire novel if the vampires die from getting a Stake through the heart instead of a Steak. I think steak only makes them sparkle.

9. Personal Messages

You may receive more kisses from Mom if your Mother’s Day card to her says that you Love her instead of Loathe her. Even though Mother’s Day has passed, you should still write to her. You know she worries about you.

10. Resume/CV

You may receive more job offers if your résumé says that you Are awesome, instead of Aren’t awesome. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.

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