Babies cry in the afternoon

Swans fly over the blue lagoon

Monsters roar

While eagles soar

And giants wage war over a spoon

* * * * *

Dolphins swim through a sea of love

Poets grimly cipher words from above

A gnat lays eggs

Inside a blue jay’s legs

And they feast on the soul of a dove

* * * * *

The wind blows kisses through the air

Warlocks grow thistles and angel hair

Alchemists churn

A buttery urn

And the crows steal cookies without a care

* * * * *

Trees stand firm and sing a new song

A young girl fears that her thoughts come out wrong

Capitalists rise high

Despite the end drawing nigh

And she knew the right verses all along

* * * * *

Peanut butter mates with jelly

Drowning in an oyster’s belly

The fedora-wearing feline

Is going out somewhere to dine

And the twist is something smelly

* * * * *

Generals invent a new lie

Brave soldiers are sentenced to die

Victory for whoever prays the most

To the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

And the spared lamb lets out a sigh


  1. I’m a sucker for a good rhyming poem, and this definitely fits the bill. I love how you use simple language to evoke compelling imagery. The unique rhyme scheme interlacing separate ideas is fun and playful. I had to read it over a couple times to really get the flow, but I’m glad I did. Very nice indeed. 🙂


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