Blog Under Construction

Search Engine OptimizationIf you haven’t noticed, Missing the Muse is currently undergoing remodeling. There are a lot of changes coming up little by little. So far I like the way this theme looks. I have the theme splendio with a background from ava7 patterns.

I also picked up Search Engine Optimization For Dummies.

I love those For Dummies books. I seem to learn things better when I’m teaching myself. That’s how I learned HTML.

*Phew* I have a lot going. But I am sleepy, so this will be another short one. Goodnight / good morning!


  1. I love the “For Dummies” books too! But, while the books dumb things down to teach me most things, there is always an uncomfortable, awkward stare exchange between me and the person checking me out at the register. I feel like I have to explain myself to them. “I’m really not a dummy, ya know. This book is a gift. For a real dummy. Not myself.” They are always like, “Okay…? Well, have a nice day, ma’am. Enjoy your book!”

    Damn it.


    • Lol. I will admit to being a dummy when it comes to some things. But those books are great for people like me who are better at learning how to do things by teaching themselves. Or in this case, having an easy-to-read yellow book teach us.


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