Moving To Alabama – Official News!

Sweet Home AlabamaJennifer and I finally decided to move to Alabama. Obviously the Little Man will come with us. There will definitely be a period of adjustment, but it’s a chance for our family to start fresh. If anyone around Jasper knows of any employment opportunities in that area, please let me know. And please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition. Thank you.

We don’t yet know exactly when we will leave, as we still have a lot of planning to do. But I will keep y’all posted.

“Y’all”? Oh no, it’s begun…

Y’all come back now, ye hear?

Go Crimson Tide!


  1. what made you choose Jasper,,,,for that matter what made you choose Alabama, if I have read your bio correctly you live in Chicago. I live in Alabama but I am from the north and before you make the move it is a huge culture shock living in the south. Employment in Jasper is not that great and even if you find work in the area the wages are much lower as the cost of living isn’t that much different than the North. Jasper also has a bad drug problem (meth) and as far as activity for family other than country living is very slim. As an artist the opportunities in the North are much greater. You may look at Huntsville for employment and a great small city to live in, Birmingham I would suggest you stay away from there. Just a few thoughts and I have been here 10 yrs and planning to move this summer…. I dont hate Alabama so I am not trying discourage you but it is a complete change of life style rather than living in the North or even Nashville.,,,,Good Luck to you and your family


    • Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I was very tired when I posted this, so I guess I forgot a few details.

      My wife’s family owns 44 acres of land in Jasper. There are three houses on the property; two are occupied by relatives and the other was owned by her grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

      It has been unoccupied since then, and is where we stayed during our recent and very eventful trip down there. And that is the house that we are able to stay in thanks to my wife’s family.


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