Freelance Writing and SEO

I’ve been researching online freelance writing opportunities and found a lot of information about it. I’ve read about people starting small and eventually being able to do it full-time for a living. This is definitely something I want to pursue. In fact, I wish I had discovered this a lot sooner. I would need to learn SEO writing for this, but that’s no biggie because I want to learn it to optimize my blog anyway.
Freelance Writing
I need to decide what my niche(s) should be. I have a few ideas in mind, but now I am thinking about having several niches and making a separate blog for each one. Of course I would only work on getting one blog established at a time. Am I thinking too big, or is running multiple blogs common? I’m still a noob to blogging, so sorry for any noobish questions.

SEO writers, what is your most valuable resource?


  1. Yes, writing full-time is possible! I resigned from my job 3 years ago to pursue writing. SEO is fun to learn and execute, and it is the most lucrative writing service I’ve done (and do). The best resource? Going to conferences. You get an inside (and often early) peek into industry changes. Other than events, Search Engine Watch is a great site for staying up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes.

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    • You are now my hero/mentor! I would absolutely love nothing more than write full-time. Thanks for the advice. I will check out that site. I started reading SEO for Dummies, but I am definitely open to further tips on getting started. 🙂


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