Sweet Home Alabama

Turn it up!

Tuesday morning I’m taking my family to Alabama for a week. My wife has family down there who owns a decent slice of land. We will stay there for a few days, then go to Georgia for a couple of nights. While in Georgia, we will attend the wedding of a good friend of mine. His name is Chris, though many know him as the infamous Necktie from the short-lived Necktie and Stripey’s Podcast Extravaganza! I, of course, was Stripey. But now little Necktie is growing up and marrying a very lovely woman. After Georgia, we will be back in Alabama for a couple more nights, and then back to another great song…

…Sweet Home Chicago!

I’ll have my laptop and smartphone with me so that Big Brother can track my location so I will hopefully be able to update my blog while down there. We’ll be in Jasper, AL. For you LOST fans out there, Jasper is where Sawyer is from.

Stay tuned for updates about our holiday (aka vacation).

Sweet Home Alabama


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