Happy Hemp Holiday, Hippies!

The audio was sped up on this YouTube version, probably for copyright issues or something. Adult Swim played this episode of Family Guy (normal speed, of course) today. That is of no surprise considering what today is. Happy hemp holiday, hippies!

The winds of change are happening as American society becomes more aware of the benefits of medical cannabis. As a sufferer of IBS, this is the only thing I’ve found that has helped. Thanks to the efforts of Illinois NORML, the Illinois House of Representatives has passed the Medical Cannabis Bill (HB1). When (not “if”) it passes in the Senate, Illinois will become the 19th state (not including Washington D.C.) to legalize medical cannabis.

With the states of Colorado and Washington legalizing the multi-purpose plant for recreational usage, government officials are realizing that income can be earned by legalizing and taxing it. So much time, money, and resources are wasted on the never-ending War on Drugs, instead of being allotted towards more important efforts such as public safety or education. The state of California is calling for an end to the War on Drugs because its prisons are so overcrowded with petty drug “criminals” that they are running out of room for the real criminals. You know, the murderers, rapists, and other jerks.

Let’s face it:

The War on Drugs is an epic fail.


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