Urban Dictionary
“When the other guy made eye contact with me, the Devil’s Threesome became awxy.”

The word of the day is “awxy.” It is a word that I created with a friend awhile ago, and has spread on a small-scale locally.

A situation is awxy when it is simultaneously awkward and sexy.

Example: “I accidentally walked in on my sister in the shower, but it turns out she’s got a great rack. It was very awxy.”

The reason I’m posting about this word that I helped invent is because I finally decided to post it on Urban Dictionary. It was approved, and now awxy is listed!

Someone posted a conflicting definition of it, saying that it’s a combination of awesome and sexy. But we all know that the true meaning is awkward and sexy, so vote that definition up. And spread the word. As a writer, it would be an honor to have a word that I invented become a thing. Even if it’s just something like awxy.

Here’s a few more examples to help you get the idea. Awxy is…

… when you check out a cute girl’s butt only to realize she’s your cousin when she turns around.

… when your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s mom walks in on you and her/him.

… that scene in Euro Trip when the siblings make out with each other.

… any other situation that is both awkward and sexy.

Writers, bloggers, and readers, please feel free to use awxy as much as you’d like, as long as it is the awkward + sexy definition.

Happy writing!


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