The Truth Is Out There

I’m going Sci-Fi with this one. Or possibly Sci-Non-Fi?

Ooh, did I just invent a new term? *Does a quick Google search for “Sci-Non-Fi“* Dang it, whenever I think I’ve come up with a cool new term, it’s already been taken. At least I still have “awxy” (awkward + sexy).

Anyway, I found this video on Neerd Weekly (read post here), who got it from AnonymousFO. I’ve just heard of AFO for the first time and haven’t had a chance to really check it out, but from what I can tell, it seems legit (at least compared to several other UFO related sites). They seem very dedicated, as they constantly post new videos taken from people all around the world. Some may say the videos are faked (and it’s possible some submissions to the site are), but considering the quantity of videos on there, someone would have to spend a very large amount of time doctoring them all for something that would only amount to a very small hoax.

Now I’m not a huge UFO buff or anything. The only time I’m thinking about spaceships is while watching Star Wars or some other Sci-Fi film. But I saw the video above, and the picture below, and it got me thinking.


With our planet so tiny in comparison to the (observable) universe, which thought is scarier? That we aren’t alone in the universe? Or that we are alone? My previous post was about the tragic incident at the Boston Marathon, and other acts of cruelty that humans do to each other. Could the only life in the infinitely immense universe be a single planet overrun by a species of hateful, violent beings that are constantly destroying each other as well as the very planet that sustains them? If we are all that the universe has to offer, then that’s just sad.

When I was much younger, maybe around ten years old, I was playing outside on my grandparents’ street and something in the sky caught my eye. It appeared to be a circle of light moving quickly across the sky. It looked very similar to some of the circles of light seen in the video, but it had smaller circles of light all around it. It flew by fast and was very high in the sky, so I couldn’t get a good look, but I remember thinking that those smaller circles looked like they could have been light coming from windows around the craft. After this one flew by, a second circle of light came from the same direction at the same speed, almost as if it was chasing the first one. The second one did not have those smaller circles around it. Instead, it looked just like some of the ones in the video. Did I see UFO’s that day? Or were they something else? The world may never know.

I’d like to think that in another galaxy somewhere, there’s an extraterrestrial writing in his blog about the same thing.

I Want To Believe

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