Top 20 SNES Games

An old friend.

I would say that this post is a bit different from my usual posts, but I don’t really have any “usual” posts. So far my blog has been slightly random. I enjoy variety, and my mind is everywhere.

Anyway, my friend / co-worker / jolly bearded beer-guzzling Scotsman challenged me to come up with a list of my 20 favorite games for the SNES (that’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System, for you non-nerds).

Keep in mind that these are my own personal favorites. You are free to agree or disagree with any or all of the games on my list, or maybe just the order of them. I’ll bet a good portion of you have never even heard of my all time favorite.

I’d like to hear your thoughts, and I would love to see your own list of Top 20 SNES games. So post comments and share please!

Without further adieux…

Phoenix Autumn’s Top 20 SNES Games

20) Street Fighter II Turbo – Classic fighting game that popularized the genre. Of course the Turbo version was cooler. I’m not that into fighting games, but this is definitely one of the best.

19) Tetris Attack – Another genre that can be hit or miss is puzzle games. This is hands down my favorite of the genre. It is actually nothing like traditional Tetris. Here you’re trying to match colored blocks. The best part is that it features Yoshi and other characters from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. It has different modes of play, and also very pretty music.

18) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time – I’m not big on beat ’em up games either, but I love this one. TMNT + time travel = epic.

17) Star Fox – The first of a great series, and our introduction to Fox McCloud and Team Star Fox. Who doesn’t enjoy flying spaceships and shooting things?

16) Super Metroid – Known as one of the best of the series. An awesome armored/weaponized suit, cool sci-fi areas to explore, and plenty of aliens to destroy make this a classic.

15) Super Mario Kart – Another first installment of a great series. This game took the racing genre to a new level with a cast of familiar characters to choose from, as well as a variety of power-ups to help you race through the obstacle-filled tracks. While this isn’t my favorite game of the series (that honor goes to Mario Kart 64), it began many iconic traditions that still remain in the franchise, including the infamous track, Rainbow Road.

14) Mega Man X2 – The second in the Mega Man X installment stayed true to the first game, as well as add some new elements such as the X Hunters. New bosses, weapon upgrades, and the option of saving an old friend make this a great chapter in the series.

13) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – With the popularity of Yoshi in the first Super Mario World game, it’s no surprise that this spin-off was a hit. The stylistic graphics and cartoony characters made this game tons of fun. The only downside to it was the annoying crying of Baby Mario.

12) Kirby Super Star – The little pink vacuum-cleaner is back inhaling bad guys and stealing their abilities. The game actually includes “8 games in one!” (as stated on the package). Each game has different gameplay elements, making this a great choice for players who enjoy variety.

11) Super Mario All-Stars – This also includes several games in one. It includes Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (which was never released in the U.S. until it was included here). A must have for Super Mario fans.

10) Super Mario World – This classic title was included with the SNES. I don’t know what I could

say about it that you don’t already know. If you don’t know anything about this game, I highly recommend playing it. If you already know everything about this game, I highly recommend playing it.

09) Mega Man X – As cool as the sequel is, I like the first one better. Perhaps because I’ve played the first one more. Either way, it’s a great game, and one of the best in the entire Mega Man franchise. Definitely my favorite, at least.

08) Donkey Kong Country – This is another game that if you don’t know anything about it, you are greatly deprived. The graphics may not seem like much now, but they were phenomenal compared to other games at that time.

007) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest – In this case, I actually like the sequel better than the first. The graphics were just as good, and the gameplay was just about the same. However, there were also a lot of new elements introduced to the series in this game. One thing this game is known for is its soundtrack. It has one of the best video game soundtracks ever.

06) Final Fantasy VI – Released as Final Fantasy III in the U.S., true fans of the series refer to it by its true title, Final Fantasy VI. With such a large cast of interesting characters and a fantastic plot, this game will take you on an epic adventure. I’m a little bias towards RPG’s, as you’re about to find out.

05) Secret of Mana – Another game with a beautiful soundtrack. Its gripping story makes this a must for any action-RPG fan.

04) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – A great title in one of the best game series of all time. Although it’s the third installment in the series, this game introduced a lot of the elements that continue to make the Legend of Zelda franchise as popular as it is today.

03) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – This game is considered by many to be a beginner’s RPG. It combines classic Super Mario elements and gives it a fun and easy-to-learn RPG gameplay. If you’ve never played an RPG, or have tried one and didn’t like it, I’d recommend giving this one a chance. Even if you’ve played RPG’s for years, you should check it out.

02) Chrono Trigger – An RPG about time travel? Awesome! Great characters, story, and one of the best video game soundtracks make this a must for RPG fans.

01) EarthBound – My favorite game of all time, and another RPG that could be considered a good start for beginners. This RPG begins in modern-day suburbia, and takes you through all corners of earth, fighting hippies, cultists, zombies, inanimate objects, aliens, robots, piles of vomit, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. This game gets its charm from its off-the-wall humor.


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