I Think, Therefore I’m Outcast

I’m more of a thinker than a doer. I’d rather focus my energy on the mental puzzle of planning something than actually implementing the idea. Since I’m a Libra I spend a lot of time weighing the options of the idea, so planning it can take awhile. Unfortunately some people see it as being slow or lazy, but that’s just because they can’t see that my mind is at work. I’m figuring things out, weighing the pros and cons, and working out the details. A good portion of my planning is worked out subconsciously while I’m doing other things.

This long process can be stretched even longer when there is unnecessary pressure or stress distracting me. How can anyone expect me to figure anything out when both my conscious and subconscious are preoccupied  with worries such as whether or not I’ll still be with my family or have a place to live in June? People don’t understand that tightening the corkscrews does nothing to motivate  me. It actually has the opposite effect by completely derailing my train of thought. It takes time to get back on track, especially if I’m lifting the train all by myself. I’m willing to compromise, but it goes both ways. They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and I’m the same way. Just a little reassurance could go a long way to motivating me. Why put forth the effort if it’s not going to make any difference?

All I’m asking for is some emotional support, faith, and a little understanding. My brain doesn’t work like most people’s. It can’t just go from Point A to Point B. It first needs to take connecting flights to Point Z, Point 7, and Point Elephant.

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  1. Although signs are divided by water, air,etc some signs are twinned in appearance. Pisces (me) Libra You get the idea. We are set upon awareness of the two sides to nature: one and the other [very Satre]. Don’t push to “force” balance ad opposing forces will find their balance. Thanks for locking at my stuff. Pendryw


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