Artistic Anthrax


We live in a society, based on prosperity and regularity

Corporations depend on populations to spend their hard

Earned cash to buy their trash and make a stash

And in the blink of an eye lash they’ll dash and

Dart to the nearest Wal-Mart and fill up a cart with

Stuff that in their heart they know they don’t need.

And the media feeds us lies about diseases and the

Drugs that cure them.  I know you’ve heard them.

And your wallet spills out all its bills

So you can get filled with pills if you have the chills

And you’re hoping you don’t get killed so you write your will

And yet you’re still feeling ill.

And you get all wired trying to get hired

And once you do, you come home every night tired

And you’re hoping you don’t get fired

Because if you do that would suck

And you’d be outta luck trying to get a buck

Until you don’t give a… crap.

And if you’re listening to this rap

And you agree with what I say

Then why do you pay all that money to stay alive

While third world countries are struggling to get by

And how do we help them?

With guns and knives and bombs that dive out of the sky

And if they’re lucky we’ll open up a McDonald’s and

Sell fries to their wives who only strive for freedom

While we expand our kingdom.  And we’re too numb

From rum and Tums that we ignore our own slums.

I think it’s kinds dumb.

And it’s a pity, living in the city, paying five-fifty

To some blokes for a pack of smokes that’ll make

You choke.  And it’s a joke when Coke has a hoax on

Columbia’s blood soaked earth.  And baby’s are being birthed

Without dads and that’s just sad.  And it drives me mad

How being bad has become some kinda fad

And I had a wad of cash but I spent it pretty fast

Cuz in America, nothing’s made to last.  It spreads vast

Like some kinda rash wanting to be scratched.

So buy your latex and chew your steak

We’re in the Matrix where everything is fake

But remember this, my friend

That in the end

The love you take

Is equal to the love you make.


  1. This is really great, Dan. Compelling message and I think it’s really brave that you performed it at a poetry slam. I would not have the nerve to ever do something like that 😛 Good for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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