Beautiful Family, Beautiful Weather

I finally recovered from my 12 hour shift on Easter. Ugh. At least my family is back from Alabama! I missed Jennifer and Lincoln very much and it’s great to have them back. I wrestled with Little Man for a bit. He won of course! Then I gave him a bath. He loves bath time! He was so excited to see me that he gave me many big hugs. I’ve been watching all of the James Bond movies with him in order, since my dad got me the BluRay box-set for Christmas. Lincoln’s middle name is Pierce after my favorite Bond. Anyway, now Link says “James Bond DVD” all the time. My little guy is just so adorable! And it seems like they brought good weather with them. Ahh spring! I missed the nice weather almost as much as I missed my family.

Beautiful weather

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  1. […] Hello. This is me writing a post a 4:07 4:43 am. Why? Because I can! Actually, I was getting blogging withdrawals, since my temporary-partial-hiatus. I have a lot going on that’s been keeping me busy. Moving to a different state this month, packing, working on GreenPRINT, starting a freelance writing business, and of course, my family. […]


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