Original Version of the Bananaland Poem

Yesterday I posted the revised version of “The Magical Kingdom of Bananaland”, which is the introduction of the book I’m very slowly working on, “The Lonely Plantain”. I decided that today I would post the original version of the poem to show the changes that I’ve made.  So this is the old version. If you haven’t seen the new (better) version, check yesterday’s post.

There is a secret land that no one knows about,

Not the humans, nor the storks, not even the trout.

Way beyond forests of old wise trees,

Past the mountains and their chilly breeze.

Beneath rivers, ponds, and oceans that hide octopi,

Yet somehow also above all of the clouds in the sky.

Beyond outer space, the stars, planets, and the moon,

And through time, the past, future, and this afternoon.

Never has there ever been a place as grand,

As the magical kingdom of Bananaland.

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