The Magical Kingdom of Bananaland

About a year ago I wrote the first draft to a children’s book titled “The Lonely Plantain.” As I always do, I took a short break from working on it before starting the second draft. Well that break ended up not being short at all. I’ve finally began revisions, but still have a lot to go. It’s not exactly a priority, so I don’t know when I’ll finish this draft. Maybe I’ll get to it while the family is away, maybe I won’t. Let’s find out… together!

The only thing I have revised so far is the introductory poem, which I will share with you. It’s much better than the original.


Beyond space, the stars, planets, and the moon,

Across time, the past, future, and this afternoon.

Never has there ever been a world as grand,

As the magical kingdom of Bananaland.

Not everything here is as it seems,

A realm filled with wonder and pleasant dreams.

Let’s have a look and we shall find,

A land that is truly one of a kind.

Now for an adventure in a place that is grand,

Down in the magical kingdom of Bananaland.

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