Righters Untie!

Righters Untie! A place for writers, by writers.

In 2008 I created an online writers group on ProBoards called Righters Untie! (Intentional misspelling of “Writers Unite!”)

I launched the forum by hosting the LOST Season Five Writing Contest. Since then, RU (Righters Untie!) has hosted many more writing contests and collected over 300 members.

Though I have many fond memories of running RU, it is time for me to move on. I have been absent from Righters Untie! for a long time. I’ve been busy making babies (actually just one) and starting a family. But while I’ve been away, Kurai has kept the site alive. A member since the beginning of RU, Kurai stepped up when I needed to appoint new leadership during my hiatus. Since then, Kurai gave RU an awesome new design, and ran several impressive writing contests.

Now that I’m writing again, I knew that I should do something with the writers group that I spent so much time, dedication, and love on. I thought about taking it over again. After all, I did still own RU. Then I saw how much work Kurai had put into making RU grow. He had turned the site into what I had intended the site to become. And all with my name still being on it. Well it’s time that Kurai gets the credit he deserves.

As of today, I am officially transferring ownership of Rigthers Untie! to Kurai. RU is in good hands.

Righters Untie! is a great online community for writers of all styles. You can post your work for review, or read and review the works of other writers. There are also screenwriting contests. So check it out and promote your blog/ poetry/ novel/ comics/ lyrics/ screenplays/ zine/ manifesto/ whatever.

And now for a special treat, here is a cheesy video I made back in 2008 to promote Righters Untie! I sampled the music from “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday. I wrote the lyrics myself in 2008, so they are outdated. Enjoy me making a fool of myself!

Righters Untie! A place for writers, by writers.

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