Layout Changes and ADHD — Ice Cream!!!

I chose a new theme for MtM (Meeting the Muse). As a writer I tend to focus more on the content of my posts than the look of the blog. But as I continue to become acquainted with all of the controls and features of WordPress, I may make more aesthetic changes.

ice cream
I think I have ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed with it, but some of symptoms listed on this medical site fit, such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. I’ve been like that as long as I can remember. I asked my mom about it and she said that she also noticed that when I was younger, but I guess she thought it would correct itself on its own.

I think I’m gong to get evaluated. If I do have it, it would explain a lot of things. If I get treated for it, maybe then I’ll finally be able to focus. I just hope it doesn’t kill my imagination.

I know this was a short and random post but — ooh ponies!

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