My intention for this blog is to showcase a variety of my writing, like an online portfolio.  That being said, for today’s entry, I felt like posting a poem.  I wrote this while I was still in L.A.  There’s a deeper meaning to it, but I will leave it to your own personal interpretation.  It is called “Mirage”.

Walking through the desert was a man.
Skin burned by the sun, hair covered in sand.
Thirsty and hungry, he thinks he’s going to die.
Then he sees something in the corner of his eye.
A vision of water and all the food he can eat.
So he brushes himself off and picks up his feet.
He runs towards the feast that has made his day.
But every step that he takes makes it seem further away.
His mind fueled by thoughts of food and drink.
While his bodily functions are starting to sink.
For men cannot live on just thoughts of what they crave.
Without proper sustenance, he’ll find himself a grave.
Did the man get what he needed to eat?
No, for it was a mirage caused by the heat.
What happened to this man who crawled through the stones?
All that’s left of him now is a pile of bones.


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