video Little Man vs. Shopping Cart

I’m testing out the WordPress app right now, so hopefully this post will turn out okay. Isn’t technology awesome? I don’t even need to be at a computer to update my blog. I’m also testing out posting a video.

I’ve been meaning to put this video of my son, along with some others, online for awhile. Let’s see how well this app does. This video was taken at Target around three months ago. My wife Jennifer and I brought our son Lincoln. He is about 16 months now. Little guy decided to push the big shopping cart around.

Little Link is such a joy to have around. Yes, we named him Lincoln so I could call him Link for short. I’m a Zelda nerd! Well that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed the video of my adorable son.

[Edit:] I had trouble uploading the video from my phone, so I put it up on YouTube and linked it.


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