Thank You

thank you
It’s been a late night at work, so this will be a short post.  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has checked out my blog so far.  I have been getting a lot great feedback, support, and love from just my first post.  And I appreciate all of you taking the time to read what I wrote.

I don’t usually write things so personal.  I’m more accustomed to writing fiction.  But I’m broadening my horizons, and I thought it was about time to start writing something that’s real.  Of course I’m not limiting this blog to just one writing style.  Some posts might be personal stories, some might be fictional stories, some might be poems, and there might be articles and other things mixed in there as well.  Some posts might be new, and others might be something that I’ve written in the past.  I do have a bit of a catalog of various things that I’ve written throughout the years, so on days where I don’t have much time, or the Muse is missing again, I might post some old classics.

I’m going to attempt to post something every day, but there could be some days where I’m not able to get to it.  That being said, plan on frequent new posts, so bookmark my page.  You shall be treated to an assortment of words arranged into sentences by the voices in my head.  I cannot guarantee that everything will make sense.  Also, I don’t believe in censorship, so there may be some posts that aren’t suitable for everyone.  You have been warned.

This blog is new, so it will probably go through many changes.  I’m also contemplating expanding Missing the Muse to a Facebook page and possibly a Twitter page.  But those might not happen right away.  So keep tuned in, and maybe you’ll learn something.

Thank you again for all of your well wishes and support.  Love you all.

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